Keith Barrell NDD. ATC.(LON.)  - Classical roots with a modern touch

Keith Barrell KBArts have teamed up with a fantastic image company called Transformyourimages.

Transformyourimages provide a fabulous image concept that enables you to choose one of my images enabling you to design your own original art work, bringing the "WOW" factor to any one of your favourite images on the KBArts website. Turning a more expensive original artwork into a fantastic and truly personal reproduction work of art for your home or business premises.

Select your favourite image from the KBArts website; choose a colour (background colour for torsos), size and style and TransformYourImages will produce a bespoke piece of art work. Your selected image can be computer designed and printed onto canvas through the use of their state of the art canvas or acrylic printing processes and digital graphic manipulation. By keeping up to date with modern photo / printing technology, trends and fashions TransformYourImages portfolio is flexible to allow for that truly bespoke piece of Keith Barrell artwork.

Please Note: KBArts will be restricting the number of reproductions via this method to a limited editions of 10 per image, per size, of any style. A signed, numbered certificate will be sent with every reproduction.

As this project is a new venture we are currently restricting the options from the transformyourimages range to their Acrylics, 5mm and 10mm. If any of their other styles become popular with our clients, we will of course include these at a later date. You can visit transformyourimages website to view the options available.

Please note that you will have to order your KBArts images form us direct, as these are not available via their website.

5mm Thick Acrylic
Acrylic prints are the most up to date, cool and stylish way to display your selected image. Our 5mm acrylic prints are dimond polished and crystal clear. The high gloss nature of our acrylic prints ensure amazing and bright colours. The product fits to the wall using four quality stainless steel corner fixings.
Size (in inches) Price Size (in inches) Price
12 x 16 £110 12 x 12 £100
20 x 16 £120 16 x 16 £125
24 x 16 £130 20 x 20 £140
20 x 30 £170 24 x 24 £165
36 x 24 £190 30 x 30 £195
40 x 16 £190 36 x 36 £260
40 x 30 £240 40 x 40 £300
48 x 20 £240 60 x 40 £400


10mm Thick Acrylic
For that extra bit of style and quality go for our 10mm acrylic prints. Each panel is highly polished and includes a set of four stainless steel corner fixings..
Size (in inches) Price Size (in inches) Price
12 x 16 £120 12 x 12 £110
20 x 16 £135 16 x 16 £125
20 x 30 £210 20 x 20 £150
36 x 24 £235 24 x 24 £205
40 x 16 £235 30 x 30 £240
40 x 30 £280 36 x 36 £290
48 x 20 £280 40 x 40 £340
60 x 40 £500    

Your comments are welcome on any aspect of my work. I would be pleased if you could send your views on my work via email by clicking on the Contact Us button or by Clicking Here.

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